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Annual Giving

In 2019 the Annual Giving campaign is focused on three main needs:

1. Ballarat Grammar Foundation Scholarship Fund - provides support to promising students who may otherwise be unable to attend.

2. Construction of a mezzanine floor to accommodate additional training equipment and facilities in the John Ross-Perrier Water Sports Centre (Grammar Boat Shed).

3. Completion of Stage Two refurbishment of the Dart Boarding facilities, with the last remaining rooms being fully refurbished to create a more modern living and study environment for our boarders.


Scholarships have been a consistent part of Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School’s history. Scholarships have been awarded since 1911 and there have been many examples of philanthropic support for students who may otherwise have been unable to attend the School, or assistance for those students whose families had fallen on difficult times. Never before has this been more important than in today’s climate. Through the provision of Scholarships, Ballarat Grammar is able to offer and encourage a diversity of student life which is one of the fundamental strengths of our educational offering to students and families.

“The diverse learning opportunity offered by Ballarat Grammar is, in part, a reflection of the diversity of backgrounds within our student community. This is also what makes Ballarat Grammar authentic in all we stand for. We are inspired to make our local and global communities better places in the knowledge that the world is our classroom. Our students and staff embrace challenges together and strive hard in all we do, constantly mindful of the opportunities before us and the responsibility to those in need.” - Mrs Christine Shaw, Deputy Head and Head of Senior School


The addition of a mezzanine floor in the John Ross-Perrier Water Sports Centre on Lake Wendouree. The development will include the construction of a mezzanine floor above the main bay in the rowing shed to accommodate state-of-the-art training equipment and flexible training, meeting, and recovery spaces. This space will be invaluable in offering additional skill development options throughout the year.

“With more than 150 rowers and 30 crews, the continued growth and success of our rowing program means we need to extend our training facilities to progress our skill development and learning in the program. This redevelopment incorporates a team meeting space which will help us develop as a community of crews, as well as providing us with more flexibility for land-based training. As a result our students will be better prepared for performing well under race conditions and being their best”. - Mr Sam Pullin, Director of Rowing


The Stage Two redesign and refurbishment of bedrooms in Dart House will see the last remaining bedrooms fully refurbished. Dart House holds many fond memories for those students who boarded at Ballarat Grammar, but some facilities in the building are outdated and require renovation to create a more modern living and study environment.

“Given the long distance from home of most of our boarding students, during the year they spend more time with us than they do with their families. Therefore, it is essential that we create a welcoming space in these bedrooms that the students can call their own, rich in natural light and designed to encourage learning, ensure privacy and foster student wellbeing, whilst also helping to maintain a positive culture within the House”. - Mr Chris Van Styn, Head of Boarding

Ballarat Grammar Foundation is delighted to publicly acknowledge all donors, but respects requests for anonymity.

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