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Annual Giving

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Our wonderful School benefits greatly from the generosity of the broader Ballarat Grammar community.

Established in 1981, the Ballarat Grammar Foundation aims to preserve and develop the services, property and facilities of the School, bridging the gap after fees and government grants.

Parents, friends and Old Grammarians can support us in a range of ways to suit your interests. We greatly appreciate your interest in our Giving Programs and for choosing to support the School with an annual donation. Remember it is not about the amount you give – every gift makes a difference.

Annual Giving

1. Ballarat Grammar Foundation Scholarship Fund to provide support to students who may otherwise be unable to attend our School. Through the provision of Scholarships, Ballarat Grammar can encourage a diversity of students, which is one of the fundamental strengths of our educational offering.

2. The Must Memorial Library to cater for the continued growth of the Middle and Senior Schools. The proposed works include a new gathering stair for improved circulation and connection between levels, openable doors and walls between learning spaces for collaboration and flexibility and enhanced indoor/outdoor relationships for improved sense of openness and enhanced natural lighting.

3. Sustainable Technology to the roof of the new building at the Heinz Centre. These works aim to help Ballarat Grammar, in line with its Energy Sustainability Roadmap, achieve a practical and cost-effective path to reduce emissions across the School by 100% to achieve carbon neutrality.


Scholarships have been a consistent part of Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School’s history. Scholarships have been awarded since 1911 and there have been many examples of philanthropic support for students who may otherwise have been unable to attend the School, or assistance for those students whose families had fallen on difficult times. Never before has this been more important.

Through the provision of Scholarships, Ballarat Grammar is able to offer and encourage a diversity of student life which is one of the fundamental strengths of our educational offering to students and families.

‘In everything we do, we seek to broaden our students’ horizons. Our curriculum honours learning which is diverse, challenging and deeply respectful of others. Ever mindful of their opportunities, our students embrace the importance of finding a common language of understanding with each other. This authentic exchange of ideas, world views and experiences ultimately enriches our students’ sense of themselves and their place in the world.’ Brianne Cuthbert, Acting Head of Senior School.

Ballarat Grammar Foundation is delighted to publicly acknowledge all donors, but respects requests for anonymity.

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